Accelerator POD Testimonials

“Accelerator Pod was a revelation. The access to industry players such as script consultant Karel Segers and Michael Favelle from Odin’s Eye was an unprecedented opportunity. Story feedback within the context of marketplace reality presented specific direction to hone project ideas with the best possible chance of success. If you have a genre idea that you think can work, this is the testing ground you want.”


-Ryan Coonan



“It’s been my lifelong dream to write for a living, and thanks to the Accelerator POD that dream is a giant step closer. I learned new ways of thinking about storytelling, that has brought my game up to a professional level, and I found a confidence in my abilities I never knew I had.”


-Russell Lee


“Accelerator Pod provided an amazing opportunity to connect with great filmmakers, and to focus on developing projects that actually have real marketplace potential. Karel Segers was an amazing teacher, and the skills I learned during his sessions have been invaluable when working on other scripts.”


-Marisa Brown


“It was a fantastic opportunity to get direct feedback from the industry, with the chance that your idea might be made into a feature film.”


-Rebecca Filipczyk