The ACT Screen Industry Association (ACTSIA) is a not-for-profit membership based organisation that supports the growth of the ACT screen industry through development, opportunities and providing a voice for the local screen community.  One of ACTSIA’s important roles is to  deliver the ScreenACT program on behalf of the ACT Government.  ScreenACT is the ACT Office of Film, Television & Digital Media.   ScreenACT, supports the growth of the local screen industry and provides assistance to local and visiting productions to connect them with the right location and production support from our local industry.


The organisation assists all levels of screen practitioners – elementary (those who are starting out), emerging (part time in the industry with a few wins under their belts) and established (full time with growing businesses and commercial content). ScreenACT encourages the development, production and promotion of screen content through a range of innovative training programs and funding initiatives that aim to build a stronger ACT screen industry.